Autism Nostrum

Hi, I made this site because I'm sick to death of having to research the same topics over and over and then explain that research to people who would really rather believe that the government is intentionally injuring children and covering the evidence in a massive conspiracy than accept the possibility that random chance and genetics got together and gave them a child with a challenge they didn't expect.

I'm surly not the only parent out there who feels the same way or gets confused by all the chatter out there on the Interwebs, and I needed some way to keep track of all this stuff. Maybe eventually some of them will join me in updating this wiki, and maybe adults with autism will join me as well. Adults with autism and parents of children with autism are often one in the same.

There may be ads on this site. If they are contextual ads, I won't have a large degree of control over who or what appears there, so do not take an ad for an endorsement.

Ground rules:

  • I use sarcasm. A lot. If you have trouble understanding when I'm using it, just ask. And no, that wasn't a sarcastic suggestion.
  • I'm just a mom. I don't work for the CDC. I'm not a lawyer, a scientist, a doctor, or any other sort of professional autism expert. I'm just a mom, and I'm not your mom. Don't mistake anything I say for professional advice.
  • I'll try to cite references. It helps me, it helps you. We could all use a little more referencing and a little less unsubstantiated claiming.